Roskilde BMX Micro Sponsor Site FAQ

Question: What is a word cloud?

Answer: A word cloud, or tag cloud, is a semi-randomly generated cluster of words displayed in different typefaces weighted by some principle. It is often used to show users the most sought-after words on a website. We use the word cloud for micro sponsorships: your font size and typeface depends on the size of your donation.

Question: Why should I buy a word?

Answer: You support the building of the new international BMX stadium in Roskilde (opening summer 2010). The stadium is intended to give young people easy access to safe, high quality BMX sport.
You also advertise your message on this site as well as the main Roskilde BMX Club site with a few mouse-clicks and for as little as $5. In addition when 50.000 words is reached a printed banner containing the word cloud, will be displayed at the stadium!

Question: What is the cost?

Answer: A word, or phrase, is $5. You can change the typeface for increased visibility for an extra fee. Alt-text for your link is also available for an additional fee.

Question: Are all words accepted?

Answer: Up to 30 characters (including spaces). By buying a word you acknowledge that Roskilde BMX Club has the right to remove abusive words and/or links without prior notice and without refund. You must also be able to document ownership of any website you link to.

Question: Who gets the money I pay for my word?

Answer: This site serves purely to support the BMX sport! Roskilde BMX Club is a non-profit organization of local riders and enthusiasts who have worked for three years raising funds and building the new BMX stadium. A small transaction fee applies (included). Everyting else goes to the building, and eventually maintenance, of the BMX stadium.

Question: How can I pay for my word?

Answer: You pay online as the final step of buying the word. You can use your existing PayPal account or your Visa, MasterCard or American Express card. No funds are drawn until this step is completed.

Question: Is it safe?

Answer: Yes. Roskilde BMX uses the globally recognized service PayPal to ensure safe transactions.

Question: What is 'Title text'?

Answer: Title text is the optional alt-text displayed when the cursor is over the link.

Question: When does my word appear in the word cloud?

Answer: As soon as it has been approved by Roskilde BMX Club.

Question: Who else has supported the BMX stadium?

Answer: Roskilde BMX stadium is built with financial support from the City of Roskilde, Roskilde Festival, and a long range of local sponsors, but we need your donation to complete the stadium.

Question: Can I upgrade from Micro Sponsor to Main Sponsor?

Answer: Certainly. Send an E-mail to sponsor(at) and tell us how you think we can help each other.